Weekly prompt yields a poem


This is a response to the weekly prompt challenge -- the words were supplied by Kathy, the poem is by Mo.

Please send us your own stories or poems using these words:
midnight, cup, dainty, frigid, solo.


Poem and art
By Mo Conlan

Solo, up at midnight
on a frigid winter night.
A cup of tea in hand,
the teacup dainty --
grandmother’s porcelain.
Using the sleeve of
her flannel nightgown, she rubs
a clearing on the frosted pane.
Ah, now, she sees the moon.
She sees the winter stars.
So distant, so near. So bright.
The warmth of the tea
brings a flush to her cheek.
The shine of stars enchants.
She begins to see how she might,
with much courage,
move toward those stars,
leave this cold, cold place --
not taking much with her,
but surely grandma’s teapot and cups.

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