Inside Patty's writing log

By Patty Lawrence


 Kroger’s apologized for their lack of organic milk with a sign stating there is a national supply shortage of organic milk.  Guess what? No one wants to drink growth-hormone infused milk from corn fed cows raised on big nasty processing plants.  Grocers and growers please anticipate a run on not genetically modified meat and not cloned fish.  Real food is the next new idea. Simple.


The run on organic milk I get, but the empty organic chip aisle is a mystery.


Younger daughter has been complaining that our toaster is “who knows how old”.  I explained to her that it is not old although I leave off that it might predate her and say it is the best toaster we have ever owned.  She said, “Mom the bottom fell off and I had to repair it!”  I showed her the crumb tray. 


 The guys with lots of hair get assigned  to the late shift at the grocery store.


Uninspiring people in leadership positions require a lot more effort from the rest of us.


My yoga teacher says to pause and let happiness catch up to you. 


Once I saw a couple riding their bikes with wine glasses in hand and at the time I thought they were ridiculous.  Now I want to be them.


On our 26th wedding anniversary, we met our teenage daughter’s boyfriend’s parents. 


Two middle aged guys both in blue tee shirt were spotted driving a frameless car on a fairly major road on a 90 plus degree day.  It just didn’t speak well for men in general.


Failed at trying to match paint. The old wall is fresh apricot. The paint over wall was ugly gold.  No matter how much yellow paint one uses the color does not change into an apricot color.  It only took four coats to figure that out.  Felt like the definition of insanity.


“We are 80K less than expected in grant money but that’s okay. It’s a good time to rethink where we are.”  What a totally dumb thing to say yet the listeners just nodded in agreement.


It is time to recognize the difference between progress and head banging against the proverbial wall. 


The same day I submitted a proposed salary to a potential employer, they posted a blog about 3M  budget deficit.  Soon after came the news of the hiring freeze. I hate irony when it applies to me.


I am my daughters’ chauffeur.  Tuesday was ten hours of driving starting at 6:00 am.  If I had gone in a straight line, I would be at the beach.  Instead I went to Milford.


I need to actually budget time for other people’s requests. Or better still, I need to stop responding to other people’s requests on my time.


It’s like he has cotton in his mouth.  You can hear the words, but they don’t make sense.


It's hard to be happy when we refuse to let go of the things that make us sad. Unknown.


Promised myself to stop but didn’t. Now I promise myself to listen to my promises.


I no longer assume that I will grow old. 


I am so tired of divas.


Parenting is an art not a science.  Search for the “how to” books until you find the ones that match your style.