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The Home Page Prompts Archive contains good stories, sublime poems and thoughtful essays triggered by interesting prompts. They are here to stay. Stored here for posterity are the responses to prompts that have gone before. We love them and are proud of them, especially those submitted by our café guests, but fresh ideas abound and we need to make room for them on the Home Page. Think of this as the Writers Resources Cafe Attic, where we keep the treasures that we have collected. No need to climb rickety stairs or to rummage through dusty trunks, just click on the title below and your favorites will be displayed.


Mo finds some good things about February and shares them in her February Poem


Here is a photo essay by Mo, about the beauty of chickens. Chickens are not yellow


A popular short story at the Cafe, by Gretta Barclay, uses the technique of monologue: The Girl in the White Dress.


Popular at the Cafe are stories by Cafe regular Patty Lawrence. Her account of bringing home the schoolroom pets to keep over school break is laugh-out-loud funny. The "pets" are hissing cockroaches. Hissy Fit Also, read Patty's story about family-style sailing.(One of the many ways parents might go gray early.) Game Plan And a heartstring-tugging memory of a beloved grandmother: Reading with Dodie


Gretta's use of 8 words prompt:Japan

Kathy's use of the same 8 words: One Less Sense

Dottie Rockel's husband still waits for the Great Pumpkin: Goblins Elusive

Kathy reports on some household hints from her Mom (supported by a Google search!) And reminisces about her mother then and now


Kathy takes a writing prompt to a darker place: Breathless


Halloween memories: Halloween Nostalgia from Kathy


Responses to a Five Word Prompt: midnight, solo, frigid, cup, dainty

Midnight poem by Mo

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