Challenge yourself to write a poem a day

girl and cat

Poem and art
by Mo Conlan

What if I wrote a poem a day,
like that famous poet whose name
I cannot remember.
It wouldn’t have to be
a prize winner.
Just a poem
not seeking aggrandizement.
A poem about today,
and the shiny red pepper
I cut into – its ruby flesh
glowing red as the color
children use when they draw
Valentine hearts -
redder than an actual human heart.

I cannot find a companion
For my own heart
or a publisher.
I think my heart
has gone AWOL.
(That’s not a word
that belongs
in this poem,
but I like it.)

This is just
a small poem,
about being alone,
about the color red
and about being a writer.
Trying to decide
Shall I write or give it up?
And if I give it up,
who am I then?
A woman without
a poem, a publisher
a heart’s companion.

Just one poem a day.
Not so very hard.
(I can decide later
about the novel.)

I cut the red pepper into strips
and eat them.

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