In praise of Nelson Mandela~
a poem

 By Mo Conlan


I mourn Nelson Mandela

Who led us to good,

No matter our country,

As certain men and women do.

St. Brigid. Francis. Gandhi. King.


They do what we cannot,

sacred beings who live

On the edge of bestial humanity --

and justice, compassion, right.


They dare to do right

 and they suffer.


We are blessed by Nelson,

so many others

who furthered humanity

by speaking and writing

truth, by standing up

and submitting to

imprisonment and death.


Can we possibly hope?


If we were called upon

To be thus tested, I pray

There might be among us

Those saints and angels

Willing, willing, bright


And willing.


Nelson, I mourn you, I praise you,

I claim you for all humanity.


Mo Conlan