How Mrs. Santa saves Christmas

And How a Dog Named Tundra
Saves Mrs. Santa

Mrs. Santa

Story and illustrations by Maureen Conlan


An ad in Northern Lights Gazette caught Marybelle's eye:
Jolly man seeks adventurous woman. Must love snow and elves and Christmas. – Man in the Red Suit

She answered:
I love adventure and snow – I have never met any elves. – Woman with Red Hair

They met at the Arctic Circle Sweet Shoppe. Marybelle recognized Santa right away.

Mrs. Santa sweet shop

“I train sled dogs,” Marybelle told Santa.

“I raise reindeer,” Santa told Marybelle.

“My reindeer can fly around the world,” he said.

“My dog Tundra can find her way home in a blizzard,” she said.


Marybelle liked how Santa laughed. Santa liked Marybelle’s red hair and sparkly eyes.

One evening, they sat atop an iceberg watching the Northern Lights. Santa and Marybelle decided to get married.



The wedding was in Marybelle’s hometown of Barrow, Alaska.

Tundra carried the rings down the aisle.


After the wedding, Santa and Marybelle got on Santa’s airplane to fly to the North Pole.

Mrs. Santa, as the elves now called her, had never been on an airplane before. She found she did not like being so high off the ground.


Sensing Mrs. Santa's discomfort, Tundra snuggled against her. "Thank you, girl," Mrs. Santa said. And she felt a bit better.

Mrs. Santa

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