How Mrs. Santa Saves Christmas ~ Chapter Two

Santa’s house at the North Pole was made of ice on the outside. Inside, the walls were wooden.

“Very nice,” said Mrs. Santa, “but a little dark.” She went to work painting the rooms bright colors. She hung red curtains at the windows and pictures on the walls.

She painted the front door red.

Santa was pleased.

“It looks very cheery,” he said.

Santa home

But Santa’s elves did not like this stranger moving in and changing things. One night, they crept into Mrs. Santa's kitchen, emptied the sugar bowl and filled it with salt.

Next morning, Mrs. Santa sprinkled a heaping spoonful onto her oatmeal.

“Yeeeeeck!” she shouted.

“What’s wrong, dear?” asked Santa, who ate pickled herring for breakfast.

“I think those elves are playing tricks,” she said.

Mrs. Santa decided to trick them back. She invited the elves for supper.

“There is whale-blubber pizza and vanilla ice cream,” she told them.

Those are some favorite foods of the elves.

After supper, Mrs. Santa went to the kitchen and filled dessert bowls with scoops of snow. On top, she sprinkled white pepper!

The elves clapped when they saw the dessert and stuffed big spoonfuls into their mouths.

Ptooey!” they shouted. Then they began laughing.


The elves made snowballs out of the fake ice cream and threw them at each other.

Elves don’t have very good manners, but they love fun.

Then, Mrs. Santa served real vanilla ice cream.

Afterwards, they all went outside and made a snowman.

After that evening, the elves, Mrs. Santa and Tundra were always good friends.


Mrs. Santa was a big help to Santa. She read aloud to him Christmas letters from boys and girls all around the world.

She computerized the orders for toys at Santa’s toy factory.

After one busy day, the Clauses sat by the fireplace relaxing.

“Marybelle, dear, you have worked wonders,” Santa said. “What’s next?”

“Why, the first ever North Pole Winter Games!” she said.

Mrs. and Mrs. Claus

The Winter Games opened a few days before Christmas. Elves drove lickety-split over the snow in the elf-mobile races.

There were ice-skating competitions and six-elf toboggan contests.

Tundra easily won the Dogsled Dash.


Santa's reindeer lined up to see which one had the tallest antlers.

Sparky, the winner, got a gold medal and a bag of juicy carrots.


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Mrs. Santa and Tundra

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