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Story gems in 25 words or less

My Hero

Frederick heard the noise. He climbed out of bed. Awakening, Marie said, “Frederick?” The intruder fled when Frederick barked. “Good boy,” Marie praised her Rottweiler.(Kathy, Cincinnati)


The drug drop was set for November 7, 2010 6:00 A.M. Stupid smugglers. The cops were waiting. Busted—they’d forgotten to fall back.(Kathy, Cincinnati)

True story

A man who thought Microsoft was women’s underwear got rich in the stock market by investing in his fantasy ~ thus his ignorance became his bliss.(Mark, Kentucky)

Betting Woman

Alice took the engagement ring to the pawn shop right after she heard. That hussy can have him, she told herself. I’m going to Vegas.(Erin, Louisville)

Karma with a five-year-old

He wanted it, so he took it. "Karma," she warned."I don't do Karma" he informed. So she grabbed it and returned it.(Heather, Chicago)

Litter Bug

Red light. The Volkswagen Beetle in front tossed a banana peel out the window. I got out, tossed it back in. "You dropped something."
(Claire, Cincinnati)

Here are some earlier "shorts"

Celia loved him. He loved her sister. Sister loved God. So, Celia got him. Still, he’s got a picture of the nun in his wallet.(Mo)


The microwave blew. Cell dead, no charger. Computer screen froze. Jenna went outside, sat in the grass and watched an ant crawl up her leg.(Mo)


“Be proud of who you are,” Rose told her granddaughter.“Don’t know who I am,” the girl said.“Then remember this. You are a miracle.”(Mo)


Butterscotch cat in a second story window. Loose screen. Cat falls. I struggle awake, heart pounding and grab the cat as the screen falls.(Ginger, Belle Center, Ohio)


A day in the life of a Midge Fly. Swim, meta-morph, fly and die.
(R. Albin, Kentucky). (Ed note: extra points for using only about half the word count to tell a complete story.)


Baby at Spaghetti Factory dressed to "the nines" in Polly Flinders. Spaghetti all down the front. Hurry out so they don't charge for take-out order.(Gretta, Illinois)


Suzanne walked Charlie to first day in the Big Kids Room. “When you were a baby…” she reminisced. “Shhhh,” he whispered. “I don’t want them to know I was a baby.”(Mo -- 6 word overdraft, will make up in subsequent stories.)


Her heart said yes. She dreamed of "Blue Beard," and her gut said don't marry a man whose first wife disappeared. She gave back the ring.(Mo)


Up dark basement staircase slowly, sensing, hearing footsteps. Creeping along blindly, terrified. Light goes on from above. Basement door opens. My husband is home early.(Gretta, Illinois)


She hit “send” and wondered whether he would care. He called later and cried. “Read your email,” she said; “I can’t talk about it.”(Ginny, Cincinnati)


After church, Darla said she loved circus peanuts. Later at home, Ray lined up peanuts between toothpick flags and confetti, and imagined their future together.(Erin, Louisville)


The dog barked repeatedly. Hush, she said; it’s nothing. Let me sleep. The back door opened slowly. A stranger entered and went upstairs.(Ginny, Cincinnati)

~~~I never kiss on the first date, she said. The man she had been waiting for all of her life made her forget her vow.(Ginny, Cincinnati)


She said she’d kill him if he hit her again. He grinned, knowing her. When she pulled the pistol, he smirked. Then doubting, Thomas died.(Kathy)


She'd planned it since the honeymoon. On their anniversary, he choked on a bone and gestured frantically. He knew she knew the Heimlich. She watched.(Mo)


He smelled like cinnamon. His eyes touched to her marrow. They were only 17. But they knew what they knew. And they made it last.(Mo)


Harry held Cara’s hand. Her breath came intermittently. Tear stains marked his check. She had breast cancer until this minute when the cancer had Cara.(Patty)


They named their first Joy. She proved dour. Their second, Hope, wore a frown. Charity was mean. Lizzie, they named right, unfortunately for the family.(Mo)


“Come on. It’ll be okay. . .” murmured Peter. Nodding sixteen year old Chrystal then clearly stopped worrying about the misplaced condom.(Patty)


After driving fourteen hours, Adriane’s reaction time slowed. Unfortunately, Mac, the catnapping truck driver behind her, had his foot firmly pressed to the floor.(Patty)

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Frederick heard the noise. He climbed out of bed. Awakening, Marie said, “Frederick?” The intruder fled when Frederick barked. “Good boy,” Marie praised …

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