More dolls to make from bottles, baubles and bling

Art dolls by Mo Conlan

These dolls, icons of the feminine spirit, are made with bottles and other castoff items that might otherwise wind up in a landfill.

Kwan is one of my favorites, a mixed media art doll using recycled items, repurposed packaging, broken jewelry and other materials. 16 inches high. Body, recycled wine bottle. Head, cardboard packaging tube. Face, small muffin tin liner. Dress, fabric and paper scraps. Headdress, mesh from grocery packaging.

Julia, below, was one of my first dolls and still my favorite. 14 inches high. Body, glass bottle. Dress, paper grocery bag. Batwing sleeves, washed used tea filters. Hair, mesh produce bag.

Nancy, left, 9 inches tall. Body, blue plastic cat-treats bottle. Head and face, old paint brush. Also, artist-painted paper, duct tape. Victory, right, 11 inches. Body, plastic juice bottle. Dress, recycled gift-wrapping paper. Cape, plastic wrap. Face, button, mirror. Headdress, recycled gift ribbon.

Plum is 12 inches high. Body and head, plastic cleaning-wipes bottle and top. Dress, artist-painted paper. Sunhat, reused washed coffee filter.

Heroica, left, is 12.5 inches. Body, Starbucks coffee bag. Detail, Starbucks coffee-cup wrap. Alexa, 15.5 inches. Body, Peet’s coffee bag.

Sunny stands 14.5 inches. Body, plastic orange juice bottle. Cowl detail, mesh produce bag. Headdress, tulle remnant.

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