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Maureen ~ Mo ~ Conlan with her family on the last day of publication at the Cincinnati and Kentucky Post newspapers, where she worked for 30 years. The papers had been in operation for more than 126 years.

Maureen Conlan began her career as a reporter for and then editor of a weekly newspaper, where she did all the reporting, editing, design and paste-up of copy. In the composing room (where, before computers, newspapers were laid out, page by page), she was accidentally stuck in the butt by an Exacto knife – up to the hilt. It was New Year’s Eve. She stanched the blood flow with toilet paper, finished putting out the newspaper, then went to the emergency room for stitches.

Mo was Associate Editor of Cincinnati Magazine for two years. One of her first writing assignments was to examine the emerging field of sex therapy. This for a convent-schooled girl from a home where the word was never uttered. Yikes.

She joined the staff of the Cincinnati Post and stayed for more than 25 years – until that venerable old daily, with its sister ship, the Kentucky Post, sailed into history upon final publication on December 31, 2007. (See photo of last day of The Post, Mo with her daughter and grandchildren.)

At the Cincinnati and Kentucky Posts, Mo had a variety of writing and editing gigs, including: family editor, assistant features editor, features editor, copy editor and, the best gig in the world – books editor.

“I got to ride around in the back seat of a car with Tom Wolfe. He was wearing his rumpled white suit and I was in my rumpled reporter uniform. Once he got over being shy, he began rolling out the wit and humor.”

Then there was John Updike. “He was so charming and gracious he asked me about my writing.” Retired from journalism – well, really, her boat went down -- Mo writes adult fiction, children’s stories, poetry and memoir. “I like haiku poetry. All those years of writing headlines trained me.” Mo also is an artist and her art is featured on the Cafe web site.

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