Make a doll

Here are examples of "Green Dolls" made from recycled bottles, packaging, rinsed tea and coffee bags, buttons, old jewelry, fabric remnants and other items. Try making one. This is a fun activity for adults and for children. ~ Mo Conlan



Amita's body is an empty wine bottle. She stands 21 inches tall. Her arms are made with the foil that wraps wine bottle tops. Her dress is a remnant from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Her face is an earring whose mate was lost -- painted. She has a halo of silver foil. The detail on her skirt is more foil from wine bottles. (Collect these foils, they can be used in many, wonderful ways in doll-making.) Plus bling and glue. (I now try to rely less on glue and more on brads, tying, etc., fastenings that don't dry out.)

doll Angela's body is an empty jelly jar. She stands 9 and a half inches tall. Her arms are made of triangular packaging for tea bags. Her dress is white tissue paper, with a sash of tulle. Her face is made of fabric rose petals (buy them by the box at craft shops). The rose petals, one front, one back, are glued to a wooden clothes pin -- which is then glued down into her body. Her hair is made of gold glitter glue squiggles. Angela's wings are clear plastic packaging. Plus rhinestones, stars and bling.


Bella's body is a wine bottle. She stands 16 inches high. I used a yellow net bag that had contained lemons to wrap her body. That gave her dress a nice base into which I could easily insert and glue layers of (washed, rinsed, dried) tea bags. I tore the bags to give a ragged effect to her skirt. I used spatterings of gold paint to gild the tiered skirt. Two yellow pipecleaners are twined at top to form one long strand, then wrapped around her waist and bent to form arms. Bella's head is the cardboard center of a roll of glue dots, painted at the edge with gold glitter glue. She has more netting for hair and gilded tea bag for a headdress. Her mouth is a purple rhinestone. Other facial features are left to the imagination. It is interesting how much personality and attitude you can create with these dolls. Bella stands in front of one of my paintings, gold and blue, acrylic on canvas.

Make an Irish doll

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