Make an Irish doll
for St. Patrick's Day

Malone doll

By Mo Conlan

Backstory: I call this doll Malone. Actually, Mrs. Malone, as she is expecting her fourth child. Soon. This was not evident to her several months earlier when she agreed to lead the city's St. Patrick's Day Parade. She is hoping this year's parade is a short one.

Malone was quite easy to make -- basically, a lot of green tissue paper shaped over a wine bottle (you can use any emptied, cleaned, dried bottle). Her arms are green pipe cleaners. Her green hair is cut from a net produce bag. Her beads are rescued from a Mardi Gras past.

Malone's dress is scattered with green rhinestones. She has a muffin-tin face (turned white side up). She has been zinged up with miniature muffin/candy tins -- two gold and others imprinted with shamrocks, a decorative button, fabric and ribbon.

You don't have to follow this exact "pattern." Part of the fun of making these dolls is using things you find around your own home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!