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January Road Trip

Across the Prairie
winter fields are painted white,
skies crisp Arctic blue.

~~~~~Mo Conlan,
January 11, 2015

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A wry tale in prose-poem form about visiting kith and kin during the holidays

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Another holiday favorite Grandma writes a dose of reality to grandchildren.

There was a time when big snow meant a guaranteed day off school

Two winter poems by Mo



Our writers nudge creativity by using
Words Prompts or Lists

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A guide to The Office

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Has Ace Spade Found His Olive?



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Love Crash


"By reading the same book, we form alliances of the mind," Kathy states as she describes
her book club -
Between the Covers.


How I Became a Redhead



Photo and Haiku

Hail the sun dipping
below Mother Lake; come back
early tomorrow.




Here is an excerpt from, Babies' Breath, Kathy's award-winning short story contained in her anthology of the same title:

"My heart burned as red-hot as the ancient round stones edging the fire-pit and my tears sizzled and steamed like spit when they fell into the flame." Read on here.

Kathy answers questions
for blogger, Betty Meyette,
about Babies' Breath
at this link: Meyette's Musings

Kathy's five-star-reviewed
short story collection
can be purchased by clicking :

Babies' Breath



Sailing with the kids

presents new challenges


Art by Mo

Kathy's story suggests that sometimes romance is a product of practical cooperation. This big family makes it to their vacation destination where Mom and Dad can brush shoulders and be simply a couple once more.



When the newsaper
is sold out... We may miss
the Fourth Estate.


Kathy wonders if
is a good thing?


Goodbye Cancer

Patty describes her journey through Cancer-Land

- The only thing I am not behind on is haircuts.
- The only reading materials in the surgeon’s office are cancer magazines and a coffee table book on Spring Grove Cemetery...
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Chapter One


Side Effects


Finding favorite books forgotten on the shelf and re-reading them twenty years after the first reading creates an interesting phenomenon. The experiences in the twenty year interval alter some sensibilities and and evoke new sentiments.

Kathy finds new reasons to re-read old favorites.


Writer Walter Seton Bunker
has a funny chat with The Bard

I had a dream one August’s night, a dream so vaporous and yet so vivid it passes understanding. It’s hard to know what was fantasy and what reality.

In my dream I found myself striding the battlements of Elsinore.... Then a helmeted figure emerged from the fog.
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Like-minded? But what if...

by Kathy L. Coogan

I read a recent Facebook post that read, “If you want to be in a room of like-minded people, join…” That might sound attractive to some but my spontaneous reaction was to wonder what is the appeal of like-mindedness?

I picture a group of people patting themselves on the back, being “supportive” and coloring inside the lines of two dimensional drawings. I wonder what happens if someone “different-minded” slips in the door?

Does the ambiance shatter? Does the temperature drop? Does the comfort level diminish?
The implication is that being “like-minded” is essential to the success of, the enjoyment of, even participation in this group.

Is there a means test for participation in a “like-minded” group? What are the requirements? What is forbidden?

Is there an underlying implication that “different-minded” folks will automatically be discourteous, contentious and dangerous? Will “different-minded” folks who infiltrate be silenced or discouraged, unwelcome and ousted?

Does the desire for diversity fly apart when ideas are considered? Is the goal of diversity to be only a photo-op of people of different colors, eye-shapes, physical abilities and couple-combos? Must they be marching in single file down a narrow path of ideas?

There it is. There is the word that has been snaking into my awareness. Narrow. Like-minded might just be the politically correct code for narrow-minded.

I don’t think I want to join that group. I think I’ll continue to enjoy thinking and discussing, agreeing and disagreeing, learning and growing in the tangle of creative, unusual, different-thinking, yes, truly diverse circles in which I am blessed to travel.

So, If you want to be in a room of open-minded people, join me in the real world.