Escape to Freedom

This collage is inspired by the famed Rankin House in Ripley, Ohio, a beacon for slaves crossing to freedom via the Ohio River. When it was safe to cross, the Rankins lighted a candle as beacon in the window. 20 by 16, by Mo Conlan. $300, plus $25 shipping.

Excerpts from
a poem about this artwork

By Mo Conlan

The year drifts toward dark December – and darker beyond.

... What is this dark biology that courses through us?

... I begin painting a nightscape—
blue-black sky and river,
and through the dark barely
visible, a lamp in the window
across the water, moonlight
catching the bow of a small boat.

Blue Happy

This canvas reminds me of Miro -- though it was not a conscious homage. 20 by 16. $300, plus shipping, $25. Contact the artist by email:

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Icons of the feminine ~
from bottles
and bling

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About my art

My art is about beauty and soul, with a touch of playfulness.

I paint on the front and on all four sides of the canvas as I like to hang my paintings unframed. They fill my home with color and joy.

I love children's art. (We all start out as artists.)

I adore Matisse. I love Chagall. I am delighted by primitive art, Mexican and Aboriginal art. Miro. Calder. Hockney. Many contemporary artists including Ursula Roma and Susan Naylor. I like storytelling art and I sometimes put little stories on my canvases.

Color. Line. Joy. Connection. ~ Mo Conlan