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Vase, with gold and red. Acrylic, canvas. 16-by-20. There is a lovely, mystical quality to this painting. $350 includes packaging. Email moconlan@aol.com.


"The artist's cat was filled with angst." This is one of my early artworks and still a favorite. It was created on the computer using The Paint program, though I now more often work in paint and collage on canvas. Each 8-by-10 print is made individually, signed and framed (larger sizes may be available). $75. Plus $25 handling and shipping for a total of $100. To order, www.moconlan@aol.com

Napping with cat. This is another of my early artworks and one I treasure, as it was inspired by my daughter, who was ill at the time. Each 8-by-10 print is made individually, signed and framed (larger sizes may be available). $75. Plus $25 handling and shipping for a total of $100. To order, www.moconlan@aol.com

White chair with rabbit and greens. Mixed media. 24 by 20 original painting on canvas. $375 includes postage and handling. Email moconlan@aol.com

Redbird Drinks the Sky

Redbird Drinks the Sky. Acrylic on canvas. 20 by 24. $375 includes shipping.


"Voyage" is an acrylic and collage canvas. This is my most recent artwork. 24-by-20. I think of this as a soul voyage, but it could represent any of life's many voyages. $400, includes shipping. email moconlan@aol.com.


Zelda, acrylic on canvas with some collage, is another new painting. 12-by-12. This face really speaks to me. $350 includes shipping. Contact me at moconlan@aol.com

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Mo's paintings and collages

Gold house... Then open your heart.

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Wind on the Lake

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House in the Hollow

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Collage with Blue Stones

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Cats Commune with Moon

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About my art

My art is about beauty and soul, with a touch of playfulness.

I paint on the front and on all four sides of the canvas as I like to hang my paintings unframed. They fill my home with color and joy.

I love children's art. (We all start out as artists.)

I adore Matisse. I love Chagall. I am delighted by primitive art, Mexican and Aboriginal art. Miro. Calder. Hockney. Many contemporary artists including Ursula Roma and Susan Naylor. I like storytelling art and I sometimes put little stories on my canvases.

Color. Line. Joy. Connection. ~ Mo Conlan