February Poem


By Mo Conlan

brings the faintest drop of hope
with a few warm days
and then a snow storm.
It is the month of Valentine’s Day,
the month of love.
Can I expect a secret Valentine?
A new lover tumbling from
the sky or hoving toward me
over the Internet?

Set a pot of water on the stove.
Put cloves and cinnamon in.
Keep it simmering and
fill the house with
spicy droplets.
Pet the cats.
Look out the window for the deer.
Do not expect love
in Cupid’s arrow.
Look for it
in the green cat’s eye,
in the liquid brown
gaze of deer,
in the tree buds
to open too early.
Look for love
because February is the month of love –
and it is everywhere.

"Love at the Beach" computer art by Mo, using Paint program.

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