My Dark Story Collection

Coming in April

in Print and eBook Editions!


Babies' Breath

Stories of the sad, the Sick, the Evil

 and How They Were Born  

by Kathy L. Coogan


The following is the publisher's pitch for my dark story collection including an excerpt from my award-winning title story, Babies' Breath


“My heart burned as red-hot as the ancient round stones edging the fire-pit and my tears sizzled and steamed like spit when they hit the flames.  I thought of hell, in which I believed, and wished that I could pray to heaven, in which I did not.” – From Babies’ Breath. 

In this unique, sensory, and haunting collection of twenty-four, contemporary short stories, author Kathy L. Coogan explores the life-changing circumstances that her myriad characters face when confronting sadness, sickness or evil. The universal theme is the harrowing question, “What if?’

 In a fascinating bonus for the reader, she reveals before each story the writer’s secret of what small inspiration gave birth to it. 

Mystifying, troubling, dark, and all utterly engaging, Babies BreathStories of the Sad, The Sick, The Evil - And How They Were Born, delivers an upheaval of emotions to the reader, through the beautifully crafted stories, six of which are summarized here.

-          A defiant daughter, unconvinced that her father’s cult is the key to salvation, dreams of a way out before it is too late.


-          A young woman wakes up in another drunken fog, hoping that she is home.


-          A beloved wife struggles to swallow a tiny bit of food to convince her distraught husband to stay.


-          A publicly humiliated ex-wife yearns to start a new life – but not before she seeks a fulfilling, funny and high-flying revenge.


-          A shy, stuttering boy obeys all the rules until he finds a glimmering bottle on the beach.


-          A lonely girl watches an alligator in her backyard pond wondering how dangerous he can really be.


In this collection of short tales, including the award-winning title story, Babies Breath, some characters find relief and resolution, while others, as in real life, spiral out of control.


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