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My work as a freelance writer is examined at these links:

Freelance Roots

Ready for Reality?

Whose Point Of View? Yours or Your Publishers?

Freelance Writers Revise, Revise, Revise

A Published Rant Against Super-sizing

A Commissioned Article About JDRF

Using a Personal Experience to Get Published

The essay form can be used to observe, explain and defend. Here are several essays, some professionally detached, some emotionally charged.

How We Begin

Cynicism in Suburbia

Duffers Love Golf, Too

In Sickness and In Health

A Book Lover Laments her Author-Worship

My Trip To (And From) The Acupuncturist

A Woman of a Certain Age (Shhh!)

Golf is a Noun

One Post-Holiday Perspective

Information Seeps In...

Discussion of The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti

Write like Linus

Charity Begins at Home

Are You Smart OR Are You Nice?

Obituary Portraits

The Melting Pot

The Serenity Prayer

Dinosaur or Cougar

Warning to Snow Birds

Random Pairings

What not to say

Breaking up is hard to do.

So you want to make a website?

I Hate My Husband's weather Radio

Wolves in Shepherd's Clothing

Mother Then and Now

Choking Up

Mother Knows Best>/a>

TV Reporting Story from Word Prompt

Walking Backwards in your Mind

Between The Covers

Forty Hour Fourth of July

A Book Shelf Half Full is Not Enough

Stroke of Insight

Cynicism Trumps Optimism

Kathy's Review of Aging Well by George Vaillant M.D.

Between the Covers Book Club

Big Family Vacation

Loving Books

Life as I Know it is Over!

Mother Knows Best?

Our Sheepdogs

Chipmunk Anxiety

Happy Birthday, Honey

Review of The Marriage Plot

Recovery is a Path

Family Stories: Fictionalize Them

A Prompt Triggers a Tattoo Story

A Foggy Beach Walk

Damn You, Breast Cancer

Limerick Alphabet Book Review

Dog Stars by Peter Heller - A Book Review

Defending Jacob - My Review

Agents vs Authors

Boating Creates A healthy Economy

Memoir or Fiction?

Boston Marathon 2013 attack - Who could ever imagine...?

Like-minded? But what if...?

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