Cats, cats, cats

Photos and text by Mo Conlan

Can't help lovin' these cats of mine. Can't help sharing these pictures -- some enhanced by software -- that attempt to capture the feline spirit.

Who can resist the insouciance of cat? Delilah takes a sunbath. Above.

Brody is such a loving and lovable little guy -- well, not so little any more. He loves his food. He loves me. He loves sourpuss Delilah. He loves life. What a great companion. What a great role model.

Cats can really hustle when they want to, and become nearly inert, as they please.

Delilah is determined to spend the afternoon in the most comfortable spot in the house -- the master bed with the soft new comforter.

What is it about bathrooms that commands the interest of cats. Sometimes they watch me bathe, as if wondering what strange practice this is.

Cats, cats, two.

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