Damn Breast Cancer

by Kathy Coogan

This is too much. Another friend diagnosed. Pink ribbons, be damned. Another bull’s-eye drawn on another woman’s breast. Does anybody else wonder why this tender tissue - this thing of beauty, pleasure and nourishment – why is it so treacherous?

And why is this disease so ubiquitous? Some angry women have implied that breast cancer would have been eradicated already if men had the boobs. Tell that to the guy with prostate cancer.

Cancer is a non-discriminating diagnosis. In the bodies of random women, men and kids tiny cells go hay-wire. Not a scientific description but all the king’s scientists and all the king’s men have not figured how to make those cells healthy again.

Instead the cells are excised, nuked, radiated, frozen, poisoned and blasted until they are just a memory. In a few months, we will be grateful for the science that killed the mutant cells. Our friend will still be lovely and funny and talented and sarcastic. And she will also be cancer free.

But for now, we hate the process that our friend is beginning. We wish we could just say, Out Damned Spot, Like Lady Macbeth. But it didn’t work for her either.

So instead, we’ll say, “Keep her in your heart and prayers.”

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