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Before we were the regulars of The Writers Resources Cafe and thus before the need for biographies, we simply called ourselves The Tuesday Writers. We banded together to relieve the isolation that occurs in the writing world. So much of writing is solo keyboard tapping that we gathered regularly for human contact seeking advice and support from respected peers. From that association grew this online writers’ resource.

By getting to know us and how we got started as writers, perhaps our many roads traveled will guide you on your way. We hope to help you develop your skills, give you confidence and aim you in the right direction.

Mo, our resident artist/writer, will regale you with poetry, stories and pictures. The delicate dolls and collages she crafts add elegance and interest to our site.

Patty will enlighten us about the inane moments that occur while blending family and career, developing the humorous and recognizing the profound. She finds fodder for her essays and their respective life lessons while racing a small sailboat on inland lakes.

And Kathy? We’ll discover her quirky dark side buried under a skin of practical optimism. She’ll share her world-view which springs from her motto, "What is, is."

The assembled writers will share observations on the state of the world, poems, essays, stories, verbiage intended to elevate, and trips down dark corridors.

For you, our writing visitor, there will be creative writing prompts, tips on selling your writing skills that worked for us and perhpas some guidance about overcoming the downside of writing as a paid professional.

Each of us is responsible for her own pages, including content, grammar, and punctuation. We are quite past the fear of not being perfect wordsmiths, though we do strive for quality. To quote Kathy, "me write pretty now." We pride ourselves on knowing where the spell check is, but gaffes do slip by uncaught.

In addition to our histories, we hope that you will get to know us through our writing on this site. The variety is exquisite and new content never stops growing. Enjoy!

Mo, Kathy and Patty

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