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Babies' Breath is a unique, sensory and haunting collection of twenty-four contemporary short stories exploring the life-changing circumstances that the myriad characters face when confronting crisis. The universal theme is the harrowing question, "What if...?"

"Mystifying, beautifully written, and all utterly engaging," is the publisher's praise for these stories which were made available in print and e-book in February, 2013.

Kathy states, "Some of what I write is dark fiction. My imagination has a cavern in which fictional characters get lost and entangled. Some of my fictional characters find their exits to safety or manage to sever the knots that entrap them. Others spiral out of control. Many find empowerment in their choices. I decided to compile these contemporary stories into an anthology, led by my award-winning story, Babies' Breath."

As a bonus, each story is introduced by a brief paragraph which describes the trigger which inspired it.

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