Mom ~ Who Knew...

Mother's Day thoughts by Chris Conlan

Art by Mo Conlan


Who Knew that when you become a mother your life as you knew it would be changed forever.
That your heart had the capacity for love beyond measure, and with no words to describe it.
That love at first sight really truly existed….only after seeing your baby for the first time.
That the joy of just looking into your child’s eyes would fill your soul, and connections for lifetimes would be felt.
Who knew that for a time your life would be reduced to sleeping and eating, sleeping and eating, sleeping and eating and that later you would actually miss this.
Who knew that there were milk machines for humans.
That you would become a much safer driver…at least when there was a “baby on board.”
That boys came out liking trains, and girls came out liking ponies.
That in being a mother, patience was a required virtue, and humility would replace confidence.
Who knew that the most incredible times would be reading out loud stories over and over again, with no plots.
That your favorite sound would be your child’s voice calling “mom.”
That you would actually feel excited, lonely and sad all at the same time when your child went off to the first day of school.
That you would carry your child’s hurts and victories as if they were your own.
Who knew that throwing fabulous birthday parties was a requirement.
That saying no would be so difficult, but also so necessary.
Who knew that it was so easy to make mistakes, and be forgiven.
That the happiness of another would mean so much.
That you would fight against all odds if it meant helping your child.
Who knew that your child was always watching , taking it all in, not just what you said, ,but more importantly, what you did.
Who knew that camp would seem like an eternity, and creating care packages would become a second career.
That you would run to the mailbox hoping to get a letter from camp, and while reading them tears would well up.
That you would love your child’s friends and they would become part of your family also.
Who knew that when they moved away they would take a part of you with them.
That you would feel afraid when first allowing your child to go to the mall with friends; or to go anywhere with friends.
That would learn to love roller-coasters and water parks just to be cool.
That you would finally learn to take a book to Kings Island while your children rode the rides.
Who knew how terrible it would feel when you would get angry with someone you loved so much.
Who knew that it was impossible to put yourself first before your kids.
That there was going to always be doubt that you had not done enough.
That when your child became a teenager, life as you knew it would again change forever.
That your kids would learn to drive one day and be better drivers than you.
Who knew that campfires, lakes, board games and star gazing would be some of your fondest memories.
That just hanging with your kids would become your favorite thing to do.
Who knew that your children would grow up and actually be smarter than you.
That having respect for your children and who they are would be the gift that keeps on giving.
Who knew that new wonderful relationships would form with those who also love your children.
That those giving years would go by so quickly and that if you could go back and have a do over you would.
That there is a balance of holding on and letting go and that, eventually, you would have to let go.
Who knew that by being a mom you had been given the greatest gift of all, and that you will always feel that way.

My thoughts this mother's day, inspired by my two children Kelsey and Tyler.

(Note from Mo: Chris Conlan is a mother, a fund-raiser for charities, a therapist, one of Mo Conlan's four wonderful sisters ... and so, so much more.)

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